Silent Water

October 6, 2016

“As gold and silver are weighed in pure water, so does the soul test its weight in silence, and the words that we let fall have no meaning apart from the silence that wraps them round.”
― Maurice Maeterlinck

“They both listened silently to the water, which to them was not just water, but the voice of life, the voice of Being, the voice of perpetual Becoming.”
― Hermann Hesse

“I can’t say what my first thought was as I sunk below the surface, because it was mostly a string of four-letter words.”
― Rachel Hawkins

The Artist and I discovered the joy of lake swimming this summer and went almost daily during July, August and part of September.

With the return of cooler weather and some rain, the last 3 weeks have not seen us visiting our favorite secret swimming spots. We picked up a couple of wet-suits so we could continue swimming once the waters cooled, but have not tried them yet. This past week the days have only been in the 50’s and 60’s and the nights have been in the low 40’s, so we had a pretty good idea the lakes had cooled quite a bit.

With today being bright sunshine and the temp hitting 70 for the 1st time in what seems ages, we decided to go check out our favorite spot. We decided not to take our wet suits and just suck it up if it was cold. We were looking forward to there being nary a soul out and having the lake to our selves in silence.

Here is our view as we make our way down to our secluded swimming spot….


…… and the little stone beach where we swim and bask in the sun like turtles.


In early September, the waters were still in the mid-70’s and quite pleasant, even though we shared the lake with a few other swimmers, boats and kayaks. Today it was completely silent. I brought a small thermometer with me to check out the temps.

The air temp in the bright sun was 72 deg.!


Just a quick check of the surface water temp at shore showed it was 66 deg.


While we knew it would be colder as we swam out to deeper water, we didn’t know quite what to expect … I mean it is October 6th!

We both had our goggles so we could check out the scene below the surface, our frog hands and swim fins to really propel ourselves and help keep our bodies warm. You can see I’ve already started on my winter beard!


The Artist dressed a bit warmer than I did!


While she got on her fins, I swam out to check out the surface temp a ways further out…..


F***, Damn, it was cold! – The surface temp registered at 63 deg., but below the surface it had to be in the low 50’s.

The Artist swam out to join me (I won’t tell you the words that she uttered), and as we swam about and dove under the water land swam by each other like sharks, we gradually got acclimated to the cold. We spent the next half hour swimming and playing and then decided to head in.

As we sat in the warm sun and enjoyed the silent water, we decided that the experience wasn’t that bad and maybe we would leave those wet-suits hanging in our closet for another week or so!

After our swim, we decided to take a late afternoon hike and headed over to a beautiful walking path that goes around the Great Meadow. The view across the meadow as the sun went behind Kebo Mnt in the west was wonderful.


After our hike, we decided to go sit and meditate in one of our “secret” spots over on a place along the ocean where we never see anyone. We knew we would just catch the last of the days light by the time we got there. As we walked out to the rocky cliffs along a small dirt path, we were surprised how NOT silent the waters were here.


The ocean was a bit lively and the crashing of the waves and splattering of the surf led a nice musical note to our evening meditation as we settled into a spot right above the surf.


We finished just as the last of the light was fading and we headed back home.



I’d like to share pictures of the nice wine we had on the deck and fab meal I made for dinner, but alas I can’t. The Artist and I started a 10 day fast today, so for the next two weeks you will only see pic like this 🙂





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