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The Art of Creating – A day of wild foraging, menu and yard art creations.

This morning started early for a Sunday, with a plan to got to ROC and have Dim Sum and go thrifting for supplies to create more yard art. However, sitting on the deck with First Coffee and the day already blooming warm and sunny with a multitude of bird songs, we decided to skip the trip to […]


Bacon Avocado Cream Cheese Omelet (Planting a Seed)

Don’t you love Sundays? I know I do, especially on a spring day when you wake up and it’s already 60 degrees outside and the cacophony of bird calls and bright sunshine make it impossible to stay in bed. Late breakfast this morning were these easy to make omelets that are just melt in your mouth delicious.  For you Paleo […]



Rummaged through the ‘fridge this morning looking for traces of leftovers to make brunch ….   hmm  mushrooms, eggs, radishes, carrots, scallions, bacon, sour cream, mustard … pondered a moment how I would throw all of those together. Here’s what I came up! Sauteed the ‘shrooms in butter and sea salt and deglazed the pan with some cream sherry …. oh yum! […]


Cultivating Randomness

Merriam Webster definition of cultivating – “to foster the growth of” Merriam Webster definition of randomness – ” lacking a definite plan, purpose, or pattern” Driving back from a meeting this morning, I cultivated randomness. I found myself asking, “how does one foster the growth of something that lacks a purpose”? …. aren’t those two things […]

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