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Early Morning Gifts

  Rising before the sun slipping outside to be embraced by cool morning air. Early morning cat – he walks among the branches searching for something that eludes me. Early morning dog, reveling in the soft grass as she rolls in its dewy caress. I sit in the shadows, not yet ready for the suns […]


Maine or Bust (Part 3)

  Let’s pick up this story on Tuesday, August 5th. As I shared in Part 2, knowing that we needed to shed some weight and make room for things we really wanted, we made some quick phone calls and Facebook postings on the Community Page, which allowed us to shed over 1,000 lbs. and a […]


Maine or Bust (Part 1)

  This is a multi-part chronicle of the start of a “major life event” that occurred over the period of a week. For those of you who follow the blog and the adventures at the Tree House, you will of course know I am talking about The Artist and I moving to the Maine House. […]

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