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  The Artist in her ever expanding creativeness produced this piece yesterday. She titled it “Adam”. It’s a new area that she is playing with … taking a photo and combining it with one of her paintings….. in acrylic. As some of you know, she does wonderful watercolors and she is just starting to dabble […]

mila hippo

Bebé hipopótamo

  I had to share this photo that my daughter Sara sent yesterday of my granddaughter …. the tag was hers, not mine. That was followed up by this one. Even though her husband and his family don’t celebrate Christmas, he still went out and got a tree and they decorated and wrapped gifts because […]


Gifts (v.2)

  Today I am breaking the rules. The Artist and I agreed that we would not give each other gifts this year (other than the case of Prosecco to ourselves!) Neither of us believe in the commercial aspects of the Christmas holiday season … all of the conditioning that we are taught since childhood of […]



  From the online Free Dictionary: “To force one’s way through a forested or overgrown area where no path exists”: “Often on the verge  of  starvation, they bushwhacked through muskeg, forded ice-cold streams and rivers … determined to conquer a daunting land deemed impassable”  Today The Artist and I ventured out to find an old trail …. which we never did …. and spent much of our afternoon bushwhacking. We started out on the Hadlock Ponds Trail …. and spotted one of my first loons! This trail wound its way […]


A Walk In The Park: Part 3

This morning we woke to snow……….. Which required the proper amount of coffee….. We debated whether to go for a walk in the Park today, but decided that since it was Neil’s last day here, of course we had to go for a hike! One can not just hike in the snow without being properly […]

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