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Playing It Safe …. (kind of, sort of, I guess.)

  “Run from what’s comfortable. Forget safety. Live where you fear to live. Destroy your reputation. Be notorious. I have tried prudent planning long enough. From now on I’ll be mad.“ ~ Rumi “You will either step forward into growth, or you will step backward into safety.” ~ Abraham Maslov —————————————————————————————————– OK, I get that […]


To Each His(Her) Own

  ~ Suum cuique pulchrum est (“to each his own is beautiful”). ~ Every person is entitled to his or her personal preferences and tastes. ~ You pays your money and you takes your choice. Today, while in the mid-50’s, is extremely gray and very rainy and windy …. nothing like yesterday was! It was the perfect day to make one […]


A Black & White Day

  Today, The Artist & I explored a forgotten part of the islands history – the neglected site of George Dorr’s homestead, “Old Farm” Mr Dorr almost single-handedly was responsible for Acadia National Park becoming what it is. Despite 40 years of effort and spending his entire vast fortune – and donating his land holdings […]


Who Knew “Sleuthing” Could Make You So Hungry?

  As I recounted in yesterday’s blog post, The Artist and I had set out to find some secret caves, in which we were successful. We also had tried to find the old “Ox Hill” trail and an unnamed trail that led to something called “Tilted Rock” and the “Sea Stack”. We were not as […]

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