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Lifting the Curtain 3.5 (a Random Interlude)

Second-to-the-last guest post by the Artist — because she took so long to write the last part, a new little side story cropped up. Around 2010, I watched about five episodes of an HBO show called Hung, about a teacher who turned to¬† male prostitution to pay his alimony, I think, and who was temporarily […]


Early Morning Gifts

  Rising before the sun slipping outside to be embraced by cool morning air. Early morning cat – he walks among the branches searching for something that eludes me. Early morning dog, reveling in the soft grass as she rolls in its dewy caress. I sit in the shadows, not yet ready for the suns […]



  Today was a day of being reminded of things. This morning when I got up early, this site greeted me downstairs and reminded me that while Chappie loves sleeping in the softness of the blanket bed I made him, he is his own cat and often chooses to sleep wherever his muse takes him. […]


It Must Be Love….

I got a hair cut today … the first in about 3 months. To understand somewhat the significance of that, you need to take a peek back at me in my corporate wine life. Then, I got a hair cut every two weeks … and colored my white hair (that started to turn white when […]

CAM00034 - Copy

Doing it Our Way – Again (Or, Only My Mom Was Mrs Curtis)

  Today was a day when The Artist and I accomplished a lot of different things …. and as I wrote about in a previous blog, we did it our way. We headed out early this morning to the MD Town Hall. One of the great things about Maine, is that you can register your […]

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