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Maybe It’s the Fumes…..

(Too tired to blog tonight, but The Artist filled in perfectly with a guest post!!!!) A good friend going on an enormous adventure asked me to tell some “tales of MDI.” As he circles the globe on Emirates Airline — again. Here’s your in-flight entertainment, Traveler .. small vignettes of the island. Or, my little […]


Appreciating the Differences

  Yesterday our new kayak racks arrived! After finishing up the work I was doing on securing the 3 tiered deck to the house, I set out to securely attach these to the car. The Artist and I had debated which racks to purchase. I initially wanted to go w/ Thule as I had experience […]

sara mila 2

New Beginnings

  Last night my first grandchild arrived in this time to start a new beginning! My daughter Sara, gave birth to her daughter Mila. She weighed in at  2.9 kilos and 46cm, Sara had planned on a natural childbirth at home using a midwife, but in the last few weeks Mila had turned breech and they […]


Into Every Life, Some Rain Must Fall

  After enjoying almost a full week of beautiful sunny days in our new island home, the weather finally turned. This has been glorious. Back in NY where we lived, it seemed like this summer it rained almost every other day and the sun was a less than frequent visitor. When it did pay a […]

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