Monthly Archives: May 2014


That’s the Way the Ball Bounces

  Sell your stock in the dog toy companies now …. Kong, Chuck-It ….. maybe even Wilson tennis balls. The market is about to crash because I single-handily have been keeping these companies afloat for the last 4 years. Not any more. Elka loves playing ball more than anything. Every day we play catch, fetch, […]


Picked Over

  Today, The Artist’s house is for sale!   It seems like yesterday we picked over the house with a fine tooth comb looking for every little thing we might have overlooked …. a screwdriver left on a closet shelf, a pile of clean sheets thrown into a cupboard instead of folded neatly. Last night, […]


64 Screws to Maine

  I’ve been told before that I’ve got a few screws loose …on more than one occasion I believe. That’s OK …. nothing wrong with being different – right? ….Right? …. RIGHT???? After spending the last month (and more), getting The Artist’s house ready to go on the market, we finished today and it’s officially […]


Quiet Mornings

  I love quiet mornings … where the world seems at peace and all things seem possible. On this day, when we honor the dead who died terrible deaths in wars for our “freedom”, I am reminded of how precious life can seem and how easy it is at times to fall into an attachment […]


Rainy Days

  It’s been raining here almost daily for what seems like weeks. I love rainy days and waking this morning to the soft sound of rain seemed like a balm after a night of restless dreams. Elka and I went for a late evening walk in the back woods in a light rain tonight. The […]


Quiet Reflections and an Amazing Salad!

  Today is a quiet day for The Artist & myself. A leisurely brunch and some house projects on a glorious spring day. Today is also Mothers Day, although neither of us are attached to this “holiday” invented by Anna Jarvis in 1907. (per Wikipedia) I like the original reasons for wanting to establish this […]

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