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The Stuff of Dreams (Roasted Tomato Bisque)

  Last night I had what seemed like dream after dream after dream. For the last year or so, most of my dreams have evolved into what I would call “higher self” dreams where I am communicating about spirit matters, reviewing alternate life time lines or getting information that applies to my current life time […]


Serious Things (Wild Ramp Risotto w/ Sausage & Mushrooms)

  Today the temps were in the high 30′ and with an on-again, off-again drizzle. It was not the best day to be out foraging. Since I wanted to collect wild ramps for tonight’s dinner …. and because I take making dinner with wild ramps VERY seriously, I headed out w/ Elka anyway! This blog […]


The Remains of the Day

  No, this post is not about Stevens, Miss Kenton or being an English butler….. sorry! It is about getting out to enjoy a late afternoon hike and what remained of a busy day … and other “remains” as you soon shall see. The Artist and I spend much of our days lately sorting through […]


Luscious Chicken Soup & The Beauty of Stormy Days

  Yesterday was in the low eighties and the coltsfoot popped open its glorious yellow blooms. I’ve used this medicinal plant to make cough syrups that are effective, although it;s been cautioned that there are components of the plant that may be carcinogenic. I’m not all that worried about it because I believe used properly […]


Let the Eating Begin!

The temps the last several days have been in the 60’s and 70’s and things are starting to sprout! The crocuses are at peak bloom right now.       The honeybees were out in droves today. It’s so nice to see that at least here, we still have a healthy population that hasn’t succumbed […]


It’s been a long Winter….

This winter seemed to never end. I STILL have snow in the back woods at the Tree House! I realized that it’s been months since my last blog post …. WTH???   —- I have to get back in the groove! The last few months have been busy setting up my new photography business. I […]

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