Monthly Archives: January 2014


Spirit Songs

      Yesterday I learned that an old friend of mine passed away after a long illness. She and I spent quite a few years in my twenties hanging together. I first met Ellen when she was an aerobics instructor and ran a small business in Naples called ‘Body by Ellen”. (yes – aerobics […]


The Pursuit of Creativity

  Pursue definition: to follow and try to catch or capture  something for usually a long distance or time.   Yesterday, I started playing with a new camera lens that The Artist gifted me this Christmas. I have fallen in absolute “love” with this lens and how it allows me to expand my view of the […]


Going Inside

    “Winter then in its early and clear stages, was a purifying engine that ran unhindered over city and country, alerting the stars to sparkle violently and shower their silver light into the arms of bare upreaching trees. It was a mad and beautiful thing that scoured raw the souls of animals and man, […]

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