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[G. let me write a guest post! – “The Artist”] I’ve spent a lot of life getting in my own way. I’ve felt like a fighter. Some of my strongest impulses were to fight the unfairness or injustice of life, with seeming endless examples to choose from. “Resistance” is the word for this in the […]



    I snapped this pic of the last of the flowers in the “faerie garden” this morning. The temperature has been dropping all day and it’s currently 39 degrees at the Tree House. Tonight we are supposed to get our first freeze and there is a possibility of snow as well – especially up […]


A Day Out.

Today was cold & rainy. I turned the furnace on for the first time! … I try to hang out for Nov. 1st, but it was just more than a small fire in the fireplace would take care of. The Artist & I had plans to make today a “day out” … our version of […]


Soul Song

    The rain last night that soothed me to sleep had changed to brilliant sunlight this morning. Drops of water sparkled everywhere you looked! I awoke twice last night at different times to the sound of a song playing. At first, I thought it might be the wind chimes swaying in the breeze, but […]



An early rise this morning brought me another peaceful View from the Tree House. I see this view every morning, yet it is always different and I never tire of just sitting there and soaking it in.       The day is calling me to take my camera and Elka and go hiking all […]

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