Monthly Archives: July 2013


Curried Chicken Salad & Avocado: The Energy in All Things

Today was one of those days when the Universe decides to speak to you in it’s own unique way. I felt compelled to take Elka for a hike in the backwoods and do some berry foraging. I also felt compelled to do it barefoot. For me, there is something about being barefoot in the woods […]


Fertile Seeds

“Your heart is full of fertile seeds, waiting to sprout.” Morihei Ueshiba I spent the morning today with Petra Page-Mann at Fruition Seeds as a follow up to an earlier blog post I did, to see how things are “growing”.     The difference at the farm was amazing! This place was a-buzz with life […]


Ramblings on Life

Wow, I realized it’s been well over a week since I have written a blog post – at least here – I seem to write them in my head ALL the time! Have you ever noticed how summer seems to get so busy sometimes? This last week seems like it was a whirlwind of activity […]

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