Monthly Archives: June 2013


Grilled Moroccan meatballs w/ mint-tahini-yogurt dipping sauce and cauliflower tabouli!

I’ve been in a Mediterranean mind of lately. Maybe it’s the sumac ripening all around the Tree House? Maybe it’s thinking about my fierce and lovely niece, Pamela, who has left behind her husband and 4 kiddos to follow a calling to go to Lebanon for several weeks to help Syrian refugees at the border […]


Fruition Seeds

The sixth century Chinese philosopher, Lao Tzu, is quoted as saying: “To see things in the seed, that is genius”. The Sikh Guru Granth Sahib states: “All the vegetation will blossom forth for you, flowering in fruition; imbued with this sublime essence, you shall never leave it again. No other sweet and tasty flavors can […]


Fathers Day

Today is another one of those days that Hallmark loves as Americans will spend about $800 Million on cards – and get this –  $13 Billion – on all Fathers Day expenditures! It was interesting to see that (at least as far as Wikipedia is concerned) Fathers Day became official in the US in 1972 […]



Let me start out by saying, I absolutely LOVE the small Tree House and living in the FLX! However, there is nothing like traveling and taking an adventurous approach to it. This week, The Artist and I are spending our time on Mount Desert Island. The adventure started on Saturday with no firm plans other […]

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